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Teeth Whitening

We don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but it is picture season. In reality, it is never not picture season. Think about it. The winter holidays have just ended, and we know that you took a ton of pictures then. Before you know it, you will be taking pictures for Valentine’s Day with your sweetie or posing for pictures with the Easter bunny with your kids. Then of course, it’s wedding season, and there are lots of pictures to pose in. Picture taking never really ends.

If you are dreading upcoming pictures, perhaps you need to think about whitening your teeth. If you want to work on making your smile whiter and brighter, let Dynamic Dental Care talk to you about teeth whitening, part of a larger smile makeover plan.

Why My Teeth Might Need Whitening

If your teeth are less than white, it’s not your fault. All of your teeth erupt from your gums blindingly white, but over time, your teeth can get stained. Drinking coffee or tea can discolor your teeth - and the more you drink beverages that have a lot of caffeine, the more stained your teeth can become. Your teeth can also be stained from eating a lot of fruits and veggies, especially berries. If you use tobacco, your teeth can become yellow and stained. Also, some medications can stain your teeth, like antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs. The older you get, the more likely your teeth are to be stained, because teeth can accumulate stains over time.

How Can You Whiten Your Teeth?

There are several ways that you can whiten your teeth. First, you can try whitening your teeth with a whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash. These products can whiten your teeth a couple of shades over time. Over-the-counter whitening strips can also whiten your teeth several shades in two to three weeks.

If you visit us, we can work with you to dramatically whiten your teeth quickly. There are trays we can fill with a bleaching solution for you to use at home, which can whiten your teeth several shades in about a week. We can also whiten your teeth in the office with a laser or ultraviolet light. This procedure only takes one visit to our office.

Other Information About Teeth Whitening

Before you whiten your teeth, you need to come and talk to us. We need to give you some information about teeth whitening before you start. For example, there are some problems and stains that can’t be fixed with teeth whitening. If you try and whiten your teeth when you have certain kinds of stains, your efforts may only make your teeth appear more stained - which is not what you want at all. Do you have questions about cosmetic teeth whitening? Dynamic Dental Care can help you by explaining the options for teeth whitening.

Give us a call at (509) 466-2587. We would love to discuss your teeth whitening issues and options with you. There are several things we can use to help you with your stubborn stains, and products or procedures we can recommend. Call us today.

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Teeth whitening is a very simple cosmetic dental process that can make a dramatic difference in your smile. With both in office treatments, and prescribed take home kits, Dynamic Dental Care can help.
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