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One-Visit Crowns (CEREC)

If you need a crown, you don’t want to wait. In fact, we don’t think that you have to wait for help with a tooth. We don’t want you to wait and risk damage to your tooth because we want your tooth to be protected from tooth decay, gum disease or an injury. We can use crowns to keep your teeth looking good and make sure the crown matches with the rest of your teeth. We have been able to use crowns for years to cover and protect your teeth - but it used to take us a while to get crowns made for you. Now however, we can use a CEREC crown, and cap your tooth on the spot. If you need a crown fast, let Dynamic Dental Care tell you more about CEREC crowns.

Why Do I Need A Crown?

You might need a crown for several different reasons. The most common reason is that your tooth needs protection. You might have a weak tooth because you have a large filling in one of your back molars. That molar might also have a filling that falls out, or the remaining part of the tooth could break or crack. We can put a crown on your tooth to protect it.

We also use crowns to strengthen your tooth after a root canal. We perform root canals to rid your tooth of infection. If you have ever had a tooth infection, you know how painful it can be. In order to heal your tooth, we make an incision in the top of the tooth, and clean out the infection. We treat it with antibiotics. Then we fill the middle of the tooth with material to protect it. However, to really give it protection, we need to place a crown on the top of the tooth to protect it from further damage.

There’s a possibility that we have to crown a tooth to make it stronger because your gums may have been affected due to gum disease. If we don’t treat your gum disease, you may end up with permanent damage to your gums. Gum disease makes your gums weaker, and can even make the gum tissue deteriorate. If the tissue weakens enough, it could make your teeth fall out. We can crown the tooth to give you more security.

Crowns to Go

We are a society that loves anything to go. When we decide to use CEREC crowns, we can give you same-day service. We can make a crown in your office while you wait - you don’t even have to leave the dental chair. CEREC crowns are the same porcelain over metal as traditional crowns, but we can make them in a few minutes, rather than a couple of weeks. This means you don’t have to keep coming back for your teeth, and you can get your tooth protected effectively before too much damage is done.

If you have a tooth that is giving you trouble, why not try our CEREC crowning process. We take pictures of your tooth to create a 3D model. We then use that model to make your tooth. If you still have questions about CEREC crowns and why we use them, why not give Dynamic Dental Care a call at (509) 466-2587.

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