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Tooth Extractions
Spokane, WA

Extracted Tooth held next to mirror for Spokane Dentist, Henning Dental Studio and Dr. Marc HenniWe do our best to save each and every tooth but sometimes teeth just have to come out. While no one looks forward to having teeth taken out, we will make every effort to make sure the process is as comfortable as possible.

After the area is anesthetized, we check the area and make sure it is completely numb. You may feel some pressure but no pain. In many cases we will place a bone graft material in the socket immediately after the extraction. This helps maintain the width and heigth of the bone should you decide to have an implant placed at a later date. Even if an implant is not placed, the graft helps maintain a more natural contour of the bone and gums for other restorative options.

Dr. Henning will go over each of the options with you in detail and make sure you get the treatment you deserve.
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